January 19, 2019

Everything is a Metaphor for Everything Else


I Am Only Trying to Do What Can’t Be Done


Come in and Shut Up

Preamble - I just got the great news that I will have my first official solo exhibition at Gallery Hala C in Prague 9. Tuesday FEB 12th to Feb 27th. Much more i...

January 5, 2019

I moved back to Prague 11 years ago.

You know when you can just sense that something is going on?

You know when something is in the air, something is really happening in the scene, in the streets, with the people and you can hear it in the music and you can see it in t...

December 22, 2018


What is dead bad for a start is a shit title for your thing. And then what's bad is maybe a bad opening sentence. But then a badder thing is over-intelligenting your thing; either that or repetition. Do not talk down (or up) to your reader. Try to sound exactly l...

December 8, 2018

Display Gallery, Dittrichova 9, Prague

Hosted by the centre for Critical & Cultural Theory, philosophy faculty, Charles University, Display & Alienist magazine


Now this is a sort of tricky one to write because the collectives involved in putting this s...

November 7, 2018

(You can find the inspiration for this blog on YouTube 'Eric Zammitt - Breaking Beautiful')


"Art should be visual. It should be able to be experienced as itself without some big back story behind it that is necessary to understand it. If you have to explain the art th...

October 24, 2018

"You're nicer when you're ill."



"You're nicer when you're ill."

I was told this a long long time ago by a very close friend on meeting him whilst suffering a terrible head cold during my gobbier days in art school.

I believe he was relieved to see my weaker side whe...

October 10, 2018

"I want to make art which will stand the test of time."

Which artist hasn't thought this at one time or another?

My quandary this week - Is the idea of 'posterity' poisonous to the artist?

Take Nietzsche's famous quote,

'The maturity of man—that means, to have reacquired t...

September 26, 2018

Blog dedicated to my poor wife.

'You cannot jump over your knees.' - Gurdjieff

What they ask you for is actions, proofs, works, and all you can produce are transformed tears.”

― Emil Cioran, The New Gods


The most beautiful artist must be flawed if they are to have any h...

September 12, 2018

"To fight the unbeatable foe."

The Man of La Mancha

"Somebody asked me: "What do you do? How do you write, create?" You don't, I told them. You don't try. That's very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens,...

August 29, 2018

"I see the play so lies that I must bare a part." Hamlet


My paintings, writing, collages, films and music all have one thing in common; they all amplify the pointlessness of existence and yet at the same time urge the artist or the viewer to cop on and really live if...

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